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Why the BCS sucks

This one is simple… Wisconson/Oregon – great game, lots of scoring, exciting finish… Oklahoma St./Stanford – great game, lots of scoring, exciting finish… (and I can’t help but feel sorry for that Stanford kicker). Is there any chance that Dull Bowl 2 will be a better game?

In other ‘bowl week’ news, other than the Baylor/Washington game, was there any other bowl game that was exciting? Is it a coincidence that a PAC 12 team featured in each of these high scoring games? Can anyone in the PAC 12 play defense?

Also, Sharks beat the Canucks in a shoot out – Niemi continues to be great in shoot outs. So now, the Sharks aren’t 0 for Vancouver. Ducks up next, can they get off the schnied with the Ducks?

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Welcome to the New Year…

Since today is all about college football (which I truly don’t get… I know there’s a gentlemen’s agreement between the NFL and NCAA to leave Sunday open for pro ball, but these games are supposed to be played on New Years’ Day). I’m looking forward to two games this year – Stanford vs. Oklahoma State and Oregon vs. Wisconson – I think OSU will beat Stanford, but regardless, the winner will have the ‘we didn’t get a chance’ argument wrapped up solid for this year. That said, all of today’s games have a long way to go to outdo the amazing Washington / Baylor game. There’s something to be said for leaving your defense at home during bowl season.

Other Seasonal Thoughts:

  • New Years’ resolution #1: eat less, exercise more (this one is approaching the lifetime achievement award for unrealized resolutions)
  • New Years’ resolution #2: get on top and stay on top of the household chores. As Bob Knox used to say: owning a home is God’s way of making sure you never have too much time or too much money. I want to take better care of the old abode.

Finally, a quick look at the NFL post season:

  • My Steelers are in the playoffs but I don’t see them getting past the Ravens or Patriots. They’re just too beat up.
  • Denver backed in with a loss yesterday but I think they deserve to be there as they seem to know how to play defense. The Raiders just couldn’t make a stop all day and if you can’t make a stop when your season is at stake you should have to stay home.
  • Same thing goes for the Cowboys. They just couldn’t make a stop when it mattered. Does it always come down to offensive and defensive line play?
  • And then how about Matt Flynn? He’s definitely got the ‘Matt Cassel’ effect going, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens with him in the off season. Plus, he’s part of the ‘rename all NFL QB’s Matt’ movement (there was a article on this, but I can’t find it to link it here, but in summary, there are 8 QBs named Matt (Cassel, Flynn, Hasselbeck, Shaub, Leinart, Ryan, Stafford, Moore), and possibly no other QBs who share the same first name… If someone want to compute the odds of that happening I’ll post it here.
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