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Is this blog working?

A quick Q&A session for both of my regular followers.
Q: Is this blog working?

A: Yes, but I guess I took the summer off.

Q: Did you change the name?

A: Yes, I thought the cutesie title would amuse you. Plus, I’m going to be writing about more than just Sharks hockey.

Q: Oh, that’s nice, what will you be writing about?

A: Well, biking (I have lots of thoughts backlogged on this), the San Jose Earthquakes (who are playing quite well), Probably some about the upcoming election (nothing profound, but I have some questions I need to write about), and then we’ll see where things go from there.

P.S.: Especially on the biking front, I’ve been looking for some ‘how do I get started’ writing out in the greater blog-o-sphere, and haven’t found anything – I will make some sort of feeble attempt to rectify this situation.

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