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On Packing and Bike Fitting and things

So, Saturday (some), and Sunday (more), and in drips and drabs today and tomorrow, culminating in a wonderful packing frenzy Wednesday AM, I’m packing the black monster, and ice chest, a 10 gallon water cooler, and everything I need for 36 – ish hours of cycling in preparation for my big event of the summer, the I have, with Julie’s encouragement, purchased a Sony AS 100 video camera, so hopefully I’ll get some pictures of the event to post here later. If the packing suggestions had just been ‘pack everything you have that is cycling related’, it might have been easier. I’m excited, this should be reasonably epic, for at least some definition of epic.

What is the Rockwell Relay you ask (because you are too lazy to click on the link I’ve so thoughtfully provided)? In short, its a 4 person relay race, run in 12 stages (3 each, right?) that winds its way through some of the most scenic areas of the world, from Moab Utah to St. George Utah. We start out Friday AM and hopefully finish up mid-day Saturday – including 4 legs through the night.

Relating to this, and some thoroughly undesired knee pain that I had about 3 weeks back, I’ve made some pretty significant changes to my bike set up. First, I returned the seat from where I’d raised it to approximately where my builder put it originally. Why did I think it needed to be higher? I’m not sure, but at the time it just felt better. Also, after 3 attempts on the left shoe and two on the right shoe, I think I’ve got the cleats adjusted so that they’re pretty much right over the top of the pedal axle. This based on some reading I did when my knee acted up suggesting seat height and cleat position as two likely culprits. I know that for some time I’ve been clenching my feet (especially my right foot) when I ride, and that seems to have stopped. For me this is definitely an in-exact science (more like semi-educated guess work). Someday I suppose I should just pay for a proper professional fitting.


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