The pain of riding in the garage of light and speedy pedaling

Starting this week, I’ve got the Trek 7500 FX mounted on my newly procured Kurt Kinetic Rock ‘n Roll trainer (what a wonderful green color), and I’ve been pedaling away with tunes playing on my eye-pad. With four rides under my belt, its time for some observations, so in no particular order:

  • Riding the trainer is subtly harder than riding outdoors. No cooling breeze, so sweat really builds up. No changes in terrain, so no gliding on downhills. No stoplights, so no random breaks to do any recovering. And to cap this all off, pushing the trainer fluid reservoir feels a lot like going up a steady 1% (or so) grade.
  • The Kinetic people claim to be able to estimate power based on speed on their trainer (they provide a handy formula), so next week I’m going to do an FTP test and then the week after that I’m going to dive back into a ‘Time Crunched Cyclist’ training block. I’ll try to remember to post back here with information on how that’s going. It certainly paid off last year.
  • While pedaling away in the garage, I’m able to listen to music, and I naturally try to pedal in time to the music. This means that I’ll have to actually build a ‘pedaling away in the garage’ play list, because overly slow or fast songs really mess with my ride.
  • I’ve been posting my efforts on Strava, but I’ve noticed that the titles are beginning to sound a little bit like Jack’s writing efforts from the later stages of ‘The Shining’. I don’t think this is a good sign.
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