Back in form? Progressing anyway? who knows…

So, what a difference a few weeks make (this time for the positive). With the Carrot / Goal of having several Western Wheelers ‘Fall Fun Series’ rides on the Saturdays in October, and with the positively brilliant strategy of taking thursday afternoons off, I’ve been getting 4 good rides in a week for the past 3 weeks and have started to regain my lost form.

C/D/Who Cares?

Well, I guess I do. And I’m not talking about school grades thank goodness. WW have a ride planning / organizing system that groups riders by ability starting with A level (the easiest) and going up through E (the lunatics). Rich and I had been riding with the C+ group (C class riders, but with less strict re-grouping rules) through the spring – during the Mt Diablo / Mt. Tam / Mt. Ham rides, and were very comfortable at this level. Then during the summer we did a few pick up rides with some D level riders. These rides were challenging. Many of the D riders have (for example) completed the California triple crown (3 double centuries in a year). They climb like goats and regroup like starlings. So, for the fall fun series we decided to ride with the C riders. Well, that lasted 2 rides. The first, which had very little climbing, worked out ok although we were off the front a lot. The second – climbing up Caleveras out of Milpitas and running up past Caleveras reservoir to Pleasanton, had us spending so much time waiting that at the lunch stop, 5 of us decided to head back ahead of the others. We ended up linking up with several D riders and completed the ride with them without much problem. So, I guess we’ll be D riders now. For Rich this means he’ll have someone to climb the hills with. For me, it means I’ll be the slowest up the hills, and hanging on for dear life sometime, but also IF I CAN LOSE A BIT OF WEIGHT(!) I should be able to hang with them – I hope this is a good thing. we’ll see.

Also, Julie and I might be crewing for Elden (Fat Cyclist) Nelson and others as they do the 25 hours of Frog Hollow race – at least we’ve put our names into the hat. I’ll be sure to post something here if that happens.

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