To Commute or Not To Commute…

I’ve been pondering this for quite a while now… and with the nights already growing a bit shorter I’m getting closer to taking the plunge.

Originally, it seemed like too long of a ride, but now the 25 mile default round trip is a bit on the short side of what I can easily do.

12.5-ish miles in, so if I push it I can make the ride in 30 minutes. 40 without pushing too hard. Shower at work, save about 1/2 gallon of gas, feel great about myself all day. Take the long way home (or not), so 25-30 miles round trip. Save 40-ish minutes of commuting time, and arrive home done with riding for the day, giving me more evening time and allowing me to stay out on the road at least to the end of day-light-savings time.

I’m going to check out the shower facilities in building 2 today. The idea is that Monday is commute number 1.

Any bets on whether I wuss out or not?

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One thought on “To Commute or Not To Commute…

  1. davidh-marin,ca

    Huh? So the poll gives Steve 75% support for the ride. Oddly a commentator ponders the question of Wife’s reaction to husband’s commute, suggests another poll(beginning to sound like a political question). The audience waits…and waits…and wai…… Next post is about Bike Gloves.

    What’s one to do? I know, Strava!

    Imagine the confusion when Strava fails to record ANY activity for August 19th….20th….21…..
    Clearly you did not want to show us up and have kept the record private. Thank you.

    I believe in you Steve!

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