Livestrong Challenge Update #2

No telling how many of these there might be, but again I can’t believe I forgot this in the original write up…

Quote of the Day: in the hills out behind Vacaville, there was a flock of turkeys (wild?) out in a field. I pointed them out to the now quite famous David H., with whom I was riding at the time, and he responded ‘they’re probably saying “hey, look at the turkeys” ‘.

Later, a solo turkey challenged me to a game of chicken. I won. No drumsticks were harmed in the encounter.

updated to properly attribute the quote… This from a man who was riding a tandem solo so that he wouldn’t ride too fast.

Link to his wonderful wife Allison’s write up on the ride:

I think the whole family is simply amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Livestrong Challenge Update #2

  1. DavidH-Marin, ca

    I believe that ‘random guy’ was me, about the turkeys, but I will not ask for royalties.

    Great write up of the weekend, you touched on some very sad but true statistics of the Lance fallout. I hope we can look at this as a setback, and not a defeat. Much the way those firing the fight have a long and difficult road, maybe it’s appropriate that we are reminded that the fight is hard.

    It was a pleasure to meet you this at this event. But damn, now I have another blogger I need to follow….and comment at….what’s my quota?

  2. The nice thing about this blog is that I have about 5 followers (counting you), so at least until I become famous, there’s no limit… Have fun!

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