Thursday’s Ride + Gear post #2 – the Helmet and sunglasses

Thursdays ride was my first try at my new ‘I have time for 20 miles, what can I do at rush hour that doesn’t feature too many stop signs or traffic lights’ route which features about 500 feet of climbing, most of it in a two mile stretch that mapMyRide labels as ‘cat 5’ – My understanding is that ‘real’ riders don’t talk about cat 5 hills (I think its an invention of mapMyRide), but for little ol’ me, that cat 5 hill was a beast.

The good news is that I was able to get up the whole thing without stopping. I’ll hit it again next week and see if I can do less of it in geezer gear.

Gear Post #2 (a work in progress)

I’m having trouble finding information on the web (incredible!). I know, that seems unthinkable, let me explain: I’ve spent about $1100 dollars (not counting clothing) on my bike and related gear. The idea at this point is to selectively upgrade things as I can justify it. So, first up is my Helmet and Sunglasses.

Justification: I’m working really hard when I ride currently – especially on any climbs, but after about 5 miles even on flat routes I’m sweating a lot and that leads to three problems: First, sweat drips off my head onto the inside of my sunglasses (generic aviators I picked up at CVS several years back). Second, it gets into my eye (always the right eye, don’t ask me why) and so then I’m riding with one eye shut – not a great idea. Finally, if I take the shades off, I run the risk of getting hit by a bug – I don’t remember this from riding when I was young, but a kamikaze fly bouncing off my cheek at 20+ mph really hurts – I don’t want to risk getting hit in the eye.

So, I’m going to research both a new helmet that won’t drip sweat in my face (or some alternative like a headband that will help with that), and also some less expensive sunglasses that are designed hopefully to not be dripped on. We’ll see how that goes and I’ll report back here.

happy trails.

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