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Kings go boom, Blues on Tap…

Well, there’s something to be said for entering the playoffs on a bit of a roll. However, the Sharks really have their work cut out for them: they were 0-4 vs. the Blues this year, with scores of: 2-4 (oct 15), 0-1 (dec 10), 0-3 (feb 12), and 1-3 (mar 3). So, the good news there is that the Sharks haven’t seen St. Louis in over a month, and certainly have picked up their game in that time. St. Louis was 4-6 over their last 10 games, the Sharks were 7-3. Easily the Sharks were more desperate, but I like that trend. I suspect that having Havlat back and up to speed, and generally being healthy should help the Sharks.

What to Look For

The Keys for San Jose in the playoffs are pretty simple: stay consistent, be effective on the Penalty Kill, and especially have Niemi stay consistent – it was an interesting sign that McClellan pulled him in the 3rd period of Saturdays game. Finally, I think the Sharks know that they need to move everything to a new level – we’ll know after the first game which direction things are going – for the Sharks, winning 1 of 2 in St. Louis is a must.

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Stars go Boom, Kings on tap

Well, two games vs. the Stars, two nice wins. We do to the Stars what the Ducks and Coyotes do to us…

Bring on the Kings. We’re 2-2 vs. the Kings this year (They’re 2-1-1 against us). One win should see us through to the playoffs, two wins will see us through and give us a running shot at the Division lead and corresponding #3 seed. I think we want the #3 seed – we’d be playing Chicago or perhaps Nashville. as #7 or #8 we’d be playing Vancouver or St. Louis – I think we don’t want to see either of them till the second round, but you know, maybe that really doesn’t matter. The road to the cup goes through Vancouver, St. Louis, and Detriot.

Lots of good things to say about last nights game – 13 players had points, a beautiful redirect by Couture from Havlat for that crucial goal #3, a great snap shot by Thornton for number four, and something Sharks haven’t done much this season – a quick responding goal by Galiardi 32 seconds after the Stars took a 2-1 lead to tie it up 2-2 and take the momentum back…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and I’m feeling way more confident now than I was middle of last week.

Geaux Sharques

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Win or Go Home

Yep, its win or go home time. Sharks MUST win 1 of 2 on the road. If they can figure out how to win 2 of 2, they’ll have a good shot at the #3 seed… Stars in Dallas on Tuesday.

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