Who’s Your Daddy

That’s right, the Ducks clearly own the Sharks this year. Thanks Manny Ramirez for that memorable line. Thanks Sharks for just not having it against the Ducks this year. Its a good thing we won’t see those suckers in the playoffs.

Five games left – ‘yotes, Stars, Stars, Kings, Kings… 5 wins and we’re set as the 3 seed… anything else and it’ll be totally down to the wire. At the least I think we must win 3, although 4 or 5 would be a lot better.

As an aside, I really don’t like CSN analyst Ray Ratto – he seems to always be negative to the extreme.

Update 1: and what the hell was that 3rd goal about… The referees reviewed the play, you could clearly see that the puck was past the net on the outside – who paid them off? Come on NHL, get your heads out of your butts on this type of play.

and also… In the one bright spot of the night, the Sharks scored their goal in the next shift after the Ducks first goal… nice work boys. Do that some more.

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